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Oh, the stinking trolls

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And how they do stink. An interesting interview in The New Republic with Ian McEwan revealed a good take on the concept:

Do you read any online reviews?

I don’t read the blogs much. I don’t like the tone-the rather in-your-face road-rage quality of a lot of exchange on the Internet. I don’t like the threads that come out of any given piece of journalism. It seems that when people know they can’t be held accountable, when they don’t have eye contact, it seems to bring out a rather nasty, truculent, aggressive edge that I think slightly doesn’t belong in the world of book reviewing.


Could these be normal people when engaging others in meat space? It seems hard to believe, but just like perps of road-rage, there is a dark side to humans, above and beyond the actual sociopathically disordered ones sprinkled around. And Wikipedia has an entire fauna system to describe types of participants in its project. There is also a good discussion of virtual communities, and similar ideas to be found there. It helps to be conscious of how the characters operate, and to recognize when they are baiting the good souls. But it is a burden on all the good and honorable participants.

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January 14, 2008 at 2:16 am

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